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Protect 50 promotes new collagen growth. As well as protecting against UVA & UVB, Protect 50 is also used to hydrate the skin.
Suitable for Dry, dehydrated, rosacea prone, sensitive skin.

The Serum

Hydrate Hyaluronic Acid attracts moisture into the skin, reduces appearance of fine lines.
Suitable for dry, dehydrated skin.

The Remedy

A potent antioxidant formulation to help support calm, bright and healthy skin appearance. This powerful remedy will help fight free radical damage from sun exposure, pollution, and environmental damage to help improve blood flow, reduce oxidative stress and leave skin looking calm, bright and more youthful

The Wash

Glycolic Wash provides a deep & thorough cleanse, exfoliates, reduces the effects of ageing and improves skin texture.
Suitable for oily, thickened, aged skin, breakout.

The Scrub

A luxury anti-ageing facial wash to exfoliate and help improve the complexion.

Containing Glycolic Acid and Quartz to help stimulate, condition and
polish skin to perfection. A twice- a-week routine that will leave skin
looking younger, smoother and fresher with a radiant glow.

Meso Stamp

Innovative device

  • Fusion of 3 treatments, micro-needling mesotherapy, and skin nutrition
  • Adjustable needle size 0-1.5mm
  • 10ml fluid capacity
  • Spiral groove- facilitates product flow
  • Delivers into epidermal/dermal junction

The Light Therapy

180-degree light treatment area for even, effective coverage

Touch screen controls which beep to show activation

3 timer levels 30/45/60 minutes automatically switches off at the end of the treatment time

Features 7 individual light programmes, as well as 3 combined light programmes of Red & Green, Blue & Green, and Red & blue

The Body Roller

The Body Roller is a multi-directional portable operation, easy to use vertically, diagonally and has flexible rotation.

1200 stainless needles create thousands of microchannels that stimulate the bodies natural healing process, increase blood circulation and stimulate collagen.

The Ice Device

The Ice Device is perfect for relieving the effects of pain, burning or using to constrict the blood vessels before injecting the face.

Place in the fridge or freezer for best results

Clean after use with chlorhexadine or another suitable decontaminating product.

Mesotherapy Serums

A non cross linked MESOTHERAPY containing a cocktail of ingredients perfect for Microneedling or napage injections


HA: Increase elasticity, Firming skin, Anti-wrinkle

Vitamin B : Whitening, Repair, Anti-wrinkle

Vitamin C: White and tender skin, fade spots

Retinol: Uniform skin tone, remove yellow and brighten

Fullerene: Shrink pores and fade fine lines

Collagen: Replenish skin, delicate whitening

Glutathione: Whiten remove wrinkles, even skin tone

Nicotinamide: whitening and brightening skin, even skin tone